Aboriginals are “Just like us”. Oh, wait…

aboriginalYabbering by various Governments over the centuries since us white folk set foot on Australian soil has not really solved the problem.  It is not polite to say that Aboriginal culture has always been extremely violent, long before ‘colonialism’ was blamed by the intelligentsia.   I guess our moral superiors don’t want to admit that the sexual use of young girls by Aboriginal men was an intrinsic part of their culture, long before the white man came.  

“A group of men, with cooperation from old women, ambush a young woman, and pin her so an old man can slit up the shrieking girl’s perineum with a stone knife, followed by sweeping three fingers round the inside of the virginal orifice. “She is next compelled to undergo copulation with all the bucks present; again the same night, and a third time, on the following morning.”

Yes, the horrific is mundane in Aboriginal history. 

And Gillard thinks Abbott a misogynist for looking at his watch – and makes the mundane seem like the horrific.

What is that bullshit about the “Stolen Generations”?  Maybe those that were taken away for good reason should be thankful their lives were spared.

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