Muslim blames British Government for Beheading

asbagMillions of lives ruined because of the Americans and British in Afghanistan, according to Asghar Bukhari.   Er, what about the violence by Sunni Muslims on Shiite Muslims?  What about Sudanese who are taken as slaves by Muslims?  Is that Britain’s fault too? 


Asghar Bukhari condemns Woolwich attack but then goes on to propagate the Al Qaeda narrative that Britain is solely to blame for home grown Muslim terrorists due to UK soldiers serving in Muslim countries. He didn’t explain that most of the Muslims who die in Muslims countries are murdered by other Muslims i.e. Syria. What he did demonstrate quite eloquently was that a proportion of British born Muslims identify with being part of Islam ahead of being part of Britain, how large that proportion is, is much more worrying. If Asghar is correct in his assumptions that most British Muslims want Britain to wave a white flag at Al Qeada, then most British Muslims are un-British in that regard.

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One Response to Muslim blames British Government for Beheading

  1. Wilmot mather says:

    All Muslim terrorists should be kicked out from the western countries & then these problems will be solved.

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