Big, Hairy Footballer cries after being called ‘Ape’ – by 13 yo girl

269248-goodes-screen-shotAustralia has to rate as the kooky country this week, after a big, strong AFL footballer – Adam Goodes – overhead a cry of “You’re an  Ape!” from the bleachers.  He pointed aggressively to the poor girl.  Security removed the girl, and reportedly her parents were denied the opportunity to be with her as she was escorted off the grounds.  This poor 13 year old girl was then grilled by the Victorian Police.

Witnesses say angry footy fans booed Julia as she was led from her front-row seat by MCG security.

Catallaxy Files blog covers the story, after a twitter battle.

Australian Media have been all over this girl and her mother.  She has been made out to be a criminal.   Infidel Tiger, at a previous Catallaxy coverage said it well, at 3:23 pm:

She should have hacked his head off, then what she said would be censored by our moral guardians.

I hope Goodes knows what a pussy he is, and if he were a man, he would apologise to this girl and her entire family. 

Goodes PointingHere he is, pointing aggressively at the young girl.  He knew she was young, and he went for her in public.

What a shameful excuse for a man he is.


UPDATE: Even more shameful are his apologists like Sandra Lee, who has conveniently forgotten about the widespread abuse of women and children in traditional Aboriginal culture.  Maybe that is what Adam Goodes is happy with.  He got two for one: a female AND and child that he could stand over.

UPDATE 2: Channel 7’s coverage on 27 May 2013 reports that now Goodes is blaming the parents of this young girl.   He is all class, isn’t he.  The monstering of this young girl is a symptom of a sick society, and a main stream media that preens itself on tolerance whilst Lord of the Flies plays out on TV and newspapers.  Goodes’ preening and posturing is just that.  He should apologise to her and her family.


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2 Responses to Big, Hairy Footballer cries after being called ‘Ape’ – by 13 yo girl

  1. Barry M says:

    After watching Offsiders this morning I am now laying prostrate on the floor with a photo of Goodes in front of me. I’m getting in early because according to Cassidy and his fellow baboons Goodes is our next Saviour and I want to sit on the right hand of God.

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