Now THAT’s a #tierack

Blue Tie and BraIt’s all over, bar the shouting.  Labor was too gutless to take failed former PM Gillard to the next Australian election.  So what exactly was wrong with her? Her poor polling reflected that Gillard was shown to be a liar, with little political nouse.  She played for the short term advantage rather than lasting principles of the historic Labor Party.  She took to wedge politics, using divisive rhetoric to divide man from wife, rich from poor, business people from their staff, and foreign workers from domestic.  She lost control of our borders, allowing those who throw their documents away in favour of those who could benefit from our humanitarian intake from UNHCR refugee camps over the world. 

Gillard’s foolish attack on men wearing blue ties, and her obsession with misogyny was the final straw.

She will be counted in my books as a hateful, divisive, nasty piece of work which was championed by Emily’s Listers who judge her only on what is between her legs and not what is between her ears.

Shame on Labor for dragging this proud country into your mud, your blood and your crud.

Good riddance to bad rubbish, and long may we remember the damage the chaos at the heart of this hung parliament and Labor has wrought.


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