Baby, I Am So Sorry

Islam-FGM-1I am so sorry that Western feminists have turned away in the face of savagery.  As long as I have breath in my body I will do everything in my power to speak out against this horrific and needless practice.  I will press our pro-freedom sisters to insist that the mutilation of little children is unacceptable in our free society.

Sydney. An Australian man appeared in court Tuesday charged over the genital mutilation of his nine-month-old daughter in Indonesia, where police allege she was circumcised.

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2 Responses to Baby, I Am So Sorry

  1. Right, because mutilating a child genitals is wrong, but only if they have the “Correct” genitalia. Millions of males genitalia are mutilated every year even in the civilized western world, but they don’t count. Men don’t matter. It is only when female genitals are mutilated that it’s unacceptable.

  2. pussysbow says:

    Hello GNL, male circumcision does not equate in any way, shape or form to FGM. Whilst there is risk of some damage from a botched circumcision, the POINT of FGM is to damage the girl in a way that limits urination, menstruation, childbirth and pleasure (the clitoris gets chopped off, which is rather like chopping the whole of the penis off). I am glad you have contributed to this dicussion, and hope I have not been too blunt.

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