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Education 101

If a Government is going to subsidise education, they can either subsidise the school, or subsidise the student.   Why not give the student the choice?  Good question. From Daniel Hannan’s blog: What mattered to him most of all? Oddly enough, … Continue reading

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Graduate with Honours in Bigotry.

Whenever I hear about a mob of students shouting down somebody’s opinions, I can’t help wondering how many of them are studying philosophy.

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Tarek Fatah: Boy Scout Leader has more cojones than British PM

Thanks BCF.

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Foul, Smelly, Stupid

I am not sure I want any of my tax dollars to feed into a system that creates stupid people who can’t reason their way out of a wet paper bag. I might add that about three years ago, at … Continue reading

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Ignoramus v Geert

Main Stream Media personalities like Andrew O’Keefe let us down badly when they don’t see the danger of Islamic terrorism. 

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Free Speech: Expensive, Offensive and Worth the Price!

Christopher Topher on Free Speech, and the Forbidden History of Unpopluar People I stand with those people who, like Gary Hardgrave, will protect their right to free speech – by using it! I will continue to speak up about issues … Continue reading

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