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Clive, you ignorant grub

Clive Palmer is an abusive ignoramus, having accused our Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, Peta Credlin, of pushing a paid parental leave program, so as to take advantage of it.   Clive launched the attack in an almost empty Parliament, and … Continue reading

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Obama *hearts the Muslim Brotherhood

O’Reilly interviews Obama.

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Education 101

If a Government is going to subsidise education, they can either subsidise the school, or subsidise the student.   Why not give the student the choice?  Good question. From Daniel Hannan’s blog: What mattered to him most of all? Oddly enough, … Continue reading

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They will never, ever forget.

Father never, ever forgot the sudden death of his daughter, and this recording made in 1993 (18 months before he himself died suddenly) shows how raw the loss still was, years after she died. In the same way, Matthew … Continue reading

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Headless Chooks

In light of Gillard being knifed by Rudd who was boned by Gillard, the Australian government is looking more unstable and dangerous than ever before.  Contact your Federal MP and ask for an election. Rudd and Bowen are demanding a … Continue reading

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Obama backs the Brotherhood

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Shock! Labor Muslim uses Koran to get votes.

So Ed Husic, Labor MP uses the same book to serve Australia that terrorists use to serve Al Queda and Islamic terrorism.  Ok. For the benefit of all exhausted Aussies who are sick to death of the current government, Ed … Continue reading

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