Ginger is the Victim

Horrific child sex abuse, aided and abeted by Ginger Gorman of the ABC, who championed a Leftist narrative rather than take a sceptical view of two men who have sourced a young boy, posing as a ‘normal and happy’ family.

Here is the ABC’s about-face on cheerleading for the militant gay lobby:

The Boy With The Henna Tattoo

I have written here and here about “Ginger Nut”, the compliant and cheerful advocate for the Left. 

To the world they appeared as model parents with a beautiful son. But the happy facade set up by Australian citizen Peter Truong and his American partner Mark Newton concealed the darkest of secrets.

They claimed he was their surrogate child. But Newton and Truong had actually bought him for US$8,000, the result of an unwanted pregnancy. They sexually trained and groomed their son to be exploited by a network of men around the world, known as ‘Boy Lovers’. The abuse began when he was less than two years old.

Ginger-NutOf COURSE it’s not Ginger’s fault.  She could not possibly have been expected to check the birth story with the mother, nor look at this child’s passport, filled with stamps at the tender age of four or five.  She could not have been expected to be a bit sceptical of ‘two gay dads’. Poor Ginger is yet another victim.

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Baby, I Am So Sorry

Islam-FGM-1I am so sorry that Western feminists have turned away in the face of savagery.  As long as I have breath in my body I will do everything in my power to speak out against this horrific and needless practice.  I will press our pro-freedom sisters to insist that the mutilation of little children is unacceptable in our free society.

Sydney. An Australian man appeared in court Tuesday charged over the genital mutilation of his nine-month-old daughter in Indonesia, where police allege she was circumcised.

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Obama *hearts the Muslim Brotherhood

O’Reilly interviews Obama.

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Good Question

IslamM-3-FeministsPussy thinks that all Mosque applications should be stopped on the basis that Islamic doctrine is unlawful in parts.  Especially THESE parts.

UPDATE: Child Bride in New South Wales, Australia forced to watch snuff DVD’s.   All the while, the police, teachers and the rest of the community avert their glance. 

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Yabber, Yabber, Yabber – Aboriginals ‘Whatever’

Yabbered to Death.  Yep.  Be sure to find Parts II, III and IV for further reading.

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Man ‘marries’ 12 year old girl in Islamic ceremony

Islam-Child-MarriageSo this 26 year old man presents his young ‘wife’ to a high school, to enrol her.  How progressive.

I am fed up to the back teeth with the promotion of ideas such as abuse of young girls, treatment of women as one half of that of men and the abuse, terrorising and killing of non-believers.  These ideas are promoted in Mosques.  Can the Feds have a quick look to see what kinds of literature are being used in Mosques in Australia.

An American Mosque survey suggests that 81% of Mosques use violent literature.

In Australia, sedition is against the law.  So is maltreatment of women.  And so is murder, terrorism and sexual acts with minors.


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Yes she is that stupid.

The Child Senator shows just how dumb she is, by her questions to General Campbell. 


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