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Clive, you ignorant grub

Clive Palmer is an abusive ignoramus, having accused our Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, Peta Credlin, of pushing a paid parental leave program, so as to take advantage of it.   Clive launched the attack in an almost empty Parliament, and … Continue reading

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Shot twice, Dunked once

There is a reason this young woman survived.  And that is to explain to that perpetually stupid Gillard, that misogyny is NOT a man who checks his watch whilst a woman happens to be talking.   This is misogyny.  This is … Continue reading

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Honor Diaries

) And yet the white Leftist feminists can’t bring themselves to condemn the practice of FGM, Honor Violence and Misogyny, preferring – like Gillard (ugh) – to redefine misogyny as something as benign as a man checking his watch. These … Continue reading

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Baby, I Am So Sorry

I am so sorry that Western feminists have turned away in the face of savagery.  As long as I have breath in my body I will do everything in my power to speak out against this horrific and needless practice.  … Continue reading

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Good Question

Pussy thinks that all Mosque applications should be stopped on the basis that Islamic doctrine is unlawful in parts.  Especially THESE parts. UPDATE: Child Bride in New South Wales, Australia forced to watch snuff DVD’s.   All the while, the police, … Continue reading

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Man ‘marries’ 12 year old girl in Islamic ceremony

So this 26 year old man presents his young ‘wife’ to a high school, to enrol her.  How progressive. I am fed up to the back teeth with the promotion of ideas such as abuse of young girls, treatment of … Continue reading

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Yes she is that stupid.

The Child Senator shows just how dumb she is, by her questions to General Campbell.   

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