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Shot twice, Dunked once

There is a reason this young woman survived.  And that is to explain to that perpetually stupid Gillard, that misogyny is NOT a man who checks his watch whilst a woman happens to be talking.   This is misogyny.  This is … Continue reading

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Honor Diaries

) And yet the white Leftist feminists can’t bring themselves to condemn the practice of FGM, Honor Violence and Misogyny, preferring – like Gillard (ugh) – to redefine misogyny as something as benign as a man checking his watch. These … Continue reading

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Never Mind

Some women still think that Sexism brought Gillard down.  Pussy begs to differ: She will be counted in my books as a hateful, divisive, nasty piece of work which was championed by Emily’s Listers who judge her only on what … Continue reading

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They will never, ever forget.

Father never, ever forgot the sudden death of his daughter, and this recording made in 1993 (18 months before he himself died suddenly) shows how raw the loss still was, years after she died. http://youtu.be/jzwws1cuPUY In the same way, Matthew … Continue reading

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Headless Chooks

In light of Gillard being knifed by Rudd who was boned by Gillard, the Australian government is looking more unstable and dangerous than ever before.  Contact your Federal MP and ask for an election. Rudd and Bowen are demanding a … Continue reading

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Unions face laws which will hold them to same standard as company directors. Good.

Michael Smith News has brought us this two part interview with Grace Collier.  Well worth a listen.

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Feminist Writings Questioned. Bad Girl. Bad.

Thank you David Thompson.  Thank you. Clinton, Pelosi, Mooch, Gillard, Wong, Pliberseck, Roxon and Macklin have all been stewed in the same turgid, poisionous stone soup.

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