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Ginger is the Victim

Horrific child sex abuse, aided and abeted by Ginger Gorman of the ABC, who championed a Leftist narrative rather than take a sceptical view of two men who have sourced a young boy, posing as a ‘normal and happy’ family. … Continue reading

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Aboriginal? OK you can kill someone then.

Fuck me pink.  Fuck me dead.  Fuck me blind.  Make sense? Loveridge (pictured) king-hit and killed 18 year old Thomas Kelly, while he was in breach of a ‘good behaviour’ court order for a prior assault. “Mother Kathy Kelly howled … Continue reading

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Damn those raping Pastafarians.

The barrister said after gaining her trust and after she turned 12, Iblal Fiaz made her perform sex acts on his brother Khasim Fiaz and at least eight other men. Funny, no mention of which religion they are.  I think … Continue reading

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That’s Queer

The only people who would be surprised are those leftists who think that homosexuals should be parents. Gay Couple Accused of Raping Multiple Adopted Children Will Face Trial. Funny that.  Most people who claim to be gay, aren’t.   We should … Continue reading

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